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Table of Contents Quick Links Summer’s Life Where To Find Summer Mood FactorsPositive Influences Food Preferences Perks Lodging Dragon Events Meditation QuestsNature ClassJiving ChivesAn Old AcquaintanceLaying At The Ley LineThe Diffracted CabinetThe Oneness And The WholenessA Cold And Dreamless SlumberThe Metastatic Coil Quick Links Summer is the snake spirit that […]

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Summer is the snake spirit that you will meet as you journey through the world of Spiritfarer. As you sail to different islands, you will get to know Summer, including details about her life and some of her interests. Summer’s journey will end when you take her through the Everdoor, but prior to this, you will get the opportunity to befriend her.

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In this guide, we are going to go over everything you need to know about Summer. This includes life events, mood factors, and every quest associated with her. First, let’s take a look at Summer’s life.

Summer’s Life

stella talking to summer in front of her house

While alive, Summer pursued her love for farming. As a child, she lived on a farm and eventually went on to become an ergonomic engineer. With this job, Summer worked with a lot of major farming corporations. Unfortunately, these companies used a lot of chemicals and Summer developed breast cancer.

Developing cancer caused Summer to leave her old life behind and she eventually met Rose, the love of her life. Rose also happens to be Stella’s aunt.

Summer and Rose lived together, embracing the ‘spiritual side.’ The couple grew a variety of crops and had a wonderful garden. Soon, Rose passed away and Summer began to lose control of her life.

Without Rose, Summer was struggling. About a decade passed before Summer couldn’t hold on any longer. Ultimately, her cancer came back and Summer passed away.

Where To Find Summer

hummingberg discovered screen

Summer can be found in Hummingberg (39, 139). You will arrive at this small town pretty early in the game. Prior to joining your ship, Summer will appear as a cloaked figure. An outline of her snake form will appear above, indicating who she is.

For Summer to join your boat, all you need to do is talk to her. She will be located on the very right side of Hummingberg, up a broken ladder. Because of this, you will need to have the double jump ability unlocked.

This ability will be unlocked as you progress through Gwen’s questline. Overall, you do not have to go out of your way to speak with Summer.

Once you talk to Summer, head back to your ship and she will be there.

Mood Factors

stella talking to Summer, who is hungry

Now, let’s take a look at everything that will affect Summer’s mood. As her mood increases, Summer will provide a few additional perks. There are no consequences to not having happy Spirits on your ship, but it’s best to keep them happy for the final part of their journey.

Below, you can find all of the positive influences on Summer’s mood.

Positive Influences

  • Recently hugged
  • Ate food that she likes
  • Enjoyed Atul’s shows of handiness
  • Enjoyed listening to Atul’s flute
  • Enjoyed Alice’s harmonica
  • Has a fully upgraded house
  • Shopped for seeds

As with all Spirits, make sure to give Summer plenty of hugs and food.

Food Preferences

Summer eating and enjoying a grain salad

Above, you may have noticed that giving Summer a dish she likes will boost her mood. Like others onboard, Summer has food preferences. Below, you can find Summer’s favorite food, as well as dishes that she likes and dislikes.

Favorite Food

There is no category for vegan food, but overall, looking at the ingredients of a dish will tell you if it is vegan or not.

Dishes made without dairy, meat, or fish are all considered vegan.

For more information on cooking different dishes, be sure to check out our complete recipe guide.


stella playing music to crops in the field

As Summer’s mood increases, she will provide a few perks. When in a good mood, you can expect to find Summer playing music to plants in the garden, field, or orchard. Summer will teach you the song she plays, so you will also be able to play music to plants. This is part of a quest, which we will go over later.

In addition to playing music, Summer will shop for seeds if her mood is boosted even more. When you visit islands with a Racoon Inc. location, Summer will stand near the shop and browse seeds. When you return back to your ship, Summer can give you these seeds.

Be sure to talk to her as often as possible — you never know what surprises she may have!


stella standing in stellas house after she goes through the everdoor

Summer lives in a two-story building described as a sanctuary. The top floor holds plants and a sleeping area, while the bottom floor has a table for gems.

To build Summer’s house, you will need the following materials.

There are three additional improvements that you can add to her house as well. You can find the material needed for each improvement listed below.

Crystal Table Monstera Deliciosa HVAC System
  • 3 Limestone
  • 5 Oak Plank
  • 180 Glim
  • 3 Oak Log
  • 2 Leek
  • 200 Glim
  • 5 Copper Ingot
  • 5 Iron Ingot
  • 2 Glass
  • 250 Glim

Dragon Events

stella facing the Aluminum Dragon with summer

Dragon events are the unique event associated with Summer. Dragons are essentially resource nodes that contain a variety of ores. Below, you can check out a list of all dragon types.

  • Quartz Dragon
  • Aluminium Dragon
  • Silver Dragon
  • Gold Dragon

Quartz, aluminum, and silver dragons will appear when Summer is still on your ship. After she leaves, you will unlock the gold dragon.

To participate in this event, you will need to locate a dragon on your map. Their location will be marked with an icon of their head. If you aren’t sure which type of dragon you are near, you can hover over their map icon; this will show the name of the dragon.

Once you find a dragon, sail towards it. As you approach, Summer will make her way to the front of the ship and interacting with her will give you the option to participate in the event.

The event is pretty straightforward; hop around the dragon’s back, collecting ore from various nodes. It’s important to know that the dragon event is a negative influence on Summer’s mood. The dragon is symbolic of her cancer, which took her life. The four dragons can be interpreted as the four stages of cancer, and through dialogue, you will learn that her father passed away from cancer as well.

If Summer has already gone through the Everdoor, you will still be able to participate in this event. Rather than speaking to her, you will see an icon of the dragon on the door of her house.


stella and summer mediating on cliffside

Through Summer’s questline, you will learn how to meditate. To do so, you need to find a meditation spot — they’re typically marked. Above, you can see an example of a mediation spot. Look for other trees and rocks decorated similarly. The first time you mediate, Summer will direct you on what to do.

Meditation can help pass time, which will come in handy if you are waiting for resources to spawn, or time-specific quests.

Meditation isn’t necessary to complete the game, but it’s a helpful skill to have.


Stella and Summer play music in a garden in Spiritfarer

Finally, let’s look at all the quests associated with Summer. Below, you can find the eight main quests you will need to complete before taking Summer through the Everdoor.

Nature Class

Summer wants you to build a garden for the ship. Below, you can find the materials needed to construct a garden. You will be able to build more later, but for now, you just need one.

  • 10 Maple Log
  • 5 Lightning In A Bottle

Jiving Chives

This is where you learn the song ‘Plantasia Fantastica’, which you can play to plants to speed up their growth. Summer will teach you the song and ask you to play it in your garden.

stella and summer at the everdoor

An Old Acquaintance

Soon, Summer will have a vision of a giant sea creature. The vision makes Summer restless, so she will make the location on your map. With the location marked, sail towards the area, where you will meet the quartz dragon.

Laying At The Ley Line

For this quest, you will need to build Summer’s house. You can find the materials to build her house listed above. (Click to jump)

The Diffracted Cabinet

After building her house, Summer wants a few gems. There are five gems available in the game, but you will only need to bring her three. For more information, be sure to check out our guide on the location of each gem.

The Oneness And The Wholeness

Now, it’s time to learn how to meditate. Head to Mount Toroyama and meditate with Summer on top of the cliff. Time will pass and when you open your eyes, Summer will be gone. Meet her at the pier of Mount Toroyama and head back to your ship.

summers constellation in the night sky

A Cold And Dreamless Slumber

Soon after you meditate with Summer, she will fall asleep. During the day, you will see Summer asleep in her house. You will need to speak with other Spirits and figure out what is wrong. Eventually, you will be instructed to visit Albert who can help.

He will give you the blueprint for the HVAC system of Summer’s house, and building it will wake her up, allowing you to talk to her.

The Metastatic Coil

Once Summer is awake, she will start to have visions of another dragon. You will need to sail to this new dragon and confront it. This will be the aluminum dragon, and is a bit more difficult to navigate than the quartz dragon.

After finishing this dragon event, Summer will want to go through the Everdoor, so sail to the door with Summer and take her through. Afterward, her constellation will appear in the sky and her Spirit Flower will grow in her house.

That’s all there is to know about Summer. Her story is very real and can definitely be a bit emotional! Once Summer is gone, gather her Spirit Flower and continue exploring the map.

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