5 features of a good kitchen space

Nathan Law

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The kitchen is way more than an area assigned for cooking sumptuous meals. It is one of those parts of the house that allows guests and family to socialize and have a nice time.

You might have even noticed that some corporate offices have a staff kitchen. This is because they understand the importance and want to make good use of it. For instance, a lot of important and friendly discussions are held on the kitchen’s island while food is prepared or even when nothing is going on. It is for this reason and more that homeowners need to ensure this part of the house is in the best shape.

However, some people have a basic problem with space. With ever-increasing prices of properties in the real estate market or the need to build sustainable homes, some of us end up with small kitchens.

As a result, it is important that it is well constructed and not lacking in several features. We will discuss 5 of the features expected of this part of the house and hope that you make sure yours has every one of them.

A good plan is crucial

Many people have difficulty making the most of their kitchen because it was not well designed in the first place. You should make use of a good house plan to avoid this.

If you are hiring an architect to design a plan for you, call his attention to the need for a good kitchen space. Also, people that choose to buy custom or stock plans online should make sure the purchased plan is well-designed in this regard.

The whole point is that your house plan has to be properly designed by an experienced architect or home design expert. You can check out some modern house plans by Truoba architects for more information on this subject.

However, hope is not lost for people who did not pay attention to this when getting a house plan. They can hire an architect, house design expert, interior decorator, or home renovation team to make the needed adjustments depending on the state of things in this part of the house.

These professionals will take note of the features that are lacking and figure out a way to fit them in.  Speaking of features expected in a good kitchen, let us see some of them below.

Features of a good kitchen

Some of the features that are expected of a good kitchen include the following:

Adequate storage

This part of the home is vulnerable to being clustered. With this in mind, you should make sure there are adequate storage setups.

This will ensure that this area is clean and not disorganized. A good storage setup will also add aesthetic appeal making your kitchen a sight to behold.

So, you need to invest in the right cabinets, drawers, and other storage setups that make the place look tidy at all times.

Sufficient space

You should not take this part for granted when allocating space to other parts of the house. This is for various reasons.

For instance, having sufficient space will ensure that you get the right amount of cross ventilation. As a result, it will not be a nightmare working here as you will be comfortable.

Also, a kitchen with sufficient space is important for people that like to have family time. As explained above, it is one of the rooms in a home where family and friends can bond.

You need ample space to make sure people are not uncomfortable around the kitchen. We suggest that you do not have a dining set in the kitchen if you do not have the luxury of space.

Kitchen island is the king

Frankly, some kitchen spaces are just too small to have an island. However, you should plan the kitchen in such a way so the it would include the kitchen island. This would be one of the main functionalities that you can achieve with it.

Those spaces that can afford to have one should be deliberate about making good use of the island. For instance, a lot of kitchen preparations will have to be done there. However, it should always be cleaned up after use to keep your space looking spick and span.

For a small kitchen, you need to be creative to save space. One of the ways to go about this is by making more use of the cabinet.

Rather than overstocking the inside of the cabinet, you can create storage setups on the sides. This little addition can help you store things like your cooking instruction books and other things.

Easy to maintain

This space has to be designed and constructed in such a way that maintenance is easy. The placement of the cabinets, sink, heat extractor, drawers, utensils, and every other item should be strategically done to make sure maintenance is easy.

Safe working environment

This part of the house is one of those places where accidents happen a lot. You should make sure yours is as safe as possible to avoid this. For instance, you should be careful about the choice of wood used to furnish parts of the kitchen.

The arrangement of the entire kitchen should be such that people do not get injured. This is especially important if you have little kids as they may like to play around every part of the house. Speaking of little kids, make sure dangerous items are stationed out of their reach.

A good flooring

The floor of this part of the house is very important. For instance, we suggest that you do not have carpet here. This is to avoid the complications that come with moisture and fire here. Also, make sure the floor is not slippery. This is so that no one slips and falls.

Wrap up

We have discussed 5 of the important features your kitchen should have and hope that you make sure yours does not lack them. You should hire the right professional to help you get it done right.

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